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Bicycle rental

Borrow easily a bicycle and return it at a location of our organisation anywhere in the Bregenzerwald.
Discover the Bregenzerwald by bicycle. Borrow a bicycle, register yourself and make your person journey through the Bregenzerwald. 

Egg (Impulszentrum), Bezau (railway station, Hauptschule, open-air pool Bezau and cable car), Mellau (town hall), Bizau (chruch), Schnepfau (school), Au (town hall, church Rehmen), Schoppernau (town hall, Diedamskopf), Andelsbuch (town hall, Bergbahn Andelsbuch, Bersbuch railway station „Wälderbähnle“) 


  1. Select any location of our organisation
  2. Call the hotline 01-319 02 54 (24/7 occupied)  
  3. Enter the number oft he bicycle 
  4. You recieve a code 
  5. With this code you can open the bicycle lock
  6. Return the bicycle to any location you want to 
  7. Lock the bicyle and call the hotline again
  8. Announce your location and lof out. 


If you want to use the borrow system, you have to register once. Futhermore you have to announce your bank account or you credit-card number.

EUR 1,00 per hour
EUR 5,00 for 24 hours

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